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dreamstudy's Journal

Dream Study
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A new community focused on the study of dreams. This study group was formed July 24, 2004 in hopes that other people will share their dreams, ideas, and experiences.

Please keep in mind that this community has just been born. We see great things in the future as things develop, including a site data base and indepth studies.

There are only two rules for now. Being that this is the beginning.
1. Anything greatly mature, such as sexuality or vulger language must be in an LJ-CUT.
2. If you or others believe your post is too long, you may put the first part of your dream showen then LJ-CUT the rest.

salitra: "Any questions about the rules, or about the community, contact me at my own Live Journal. I'll be happy to answer any questions or help you out any way I can."