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Dream Study's Journal
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Date:2006-03-30 20:59

Hi there, just joined. Glad to find a community devoted to dreams, since I remember at least two each night and bug my friends with their boring details. Anyway...
Can anyone reccomend a good instruction book on lucid dreaming?

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Date:2004-10-05 03:16

first entry on this, ive been reading alot of carl jung's theories on dreams especially about "the shadow" our dark sides.

what would happen if you confronted your dark side, but not to fight it ( i have fought off my dark side before in a lucid dream) but what if infact you tried to talk to it, tried to follow it.

im not talking about any random dream character here, im talking about the one thing that your mind has fathomed that scares the fucking hell out of you, that even when awake could make your skin crawl. when you meet your shadow, you are the most frightened person ever.YOU KNOW WHEN YOU SEE YOUR SHADOW!!!!

i have fought this thing off once before and he stopped apearing in my dreams. but now im curious, should i invoke him back again, should i see what he has to show me?

when i fought him off i was happier afterwards, i slept better, so if i bring him back i probably would not. its a tough decision but i am so curious as to what lies beyond the shadow.

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Date:2004-07-25 00:25
Subject:Welcome to the grand opening of Dream Study.

Dream Study was made as a place you can log your dreams. An open place where you may talk to one another about your dreams, and experiences.

At first it may be a little slow since the community has just been started, but don't be afraid to post your dreams, questions and comments.

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